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Red Tail Commercial & Architectural Photography

I was born in Southern California but have spent the majority of my life in the greater Sacramento area where I have been a commercial and architectural photographer for over 20 years. Formerly known as Duane Gillette Photography, my work has been featured in national and international publications along with several magazine covers. My business name changed to Red Tail Photography in 2014 due to someone in Florida with the same first and last name that was not only on the sexual predator registry, but got convicted of child pornography. I did not want any confusion with us having the same name so I disassociated my name with most of my marketing.  

I found my passion for architectural and commercial/advertising photography while attending photography college. This was prior to the digital era and everything was being shot on large format film. The change to digital opened up unlimited possibilities. The ability to preview images as they are being taken, then adjust, manipulate and combine images in post production has expanded the creative possibilities.

For me, the vision behind the image is as important as the image itself. Understanding my client's needs and how the images are to be used is a vital step in the creative process. It is humbling to have companies put their faith in my abilities to create images that will be used to help grow their company by highlighting what they do and the products they sell.  

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