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Aerial Photographer

Aerial Photography

Helicopter and Drone Photography

Some images can only be captured from air. With the evolution of the drone, aerial photography is becoming more and more prevalent. Most drones can not capture the same image quality as a professional quality digital camera. For situations needing higher resolution images, helicopters are the best bet. If you are needing construction, site survey, real estate, agricultural or any other aerial photography, Red Tail Photography can handle your needs.


Helicopter Aerial Photography

Helicopters are a great way to capture angles that could not be gotten any other way. Paired with the best of photographic equipment and the use latest software allows for high resolution, unsurpassed image quality. 


Drone Photography

Drones are a fantastic tool for getting creative perspectives. Although new and upcoming FAA regulations on Drone usage may limit the abilities, they are still a great and less expensive alternative to a helicopter shoot.



Although not truly "aerial Photography", we often utilize bucket trucks and scissor lifts to get a higher vantage point. Not only can we capture high resolution images from full size DSLR's cameras, but this is a much more cost affective way to get a different perspective.