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Real Estate & Model Home Photographer

Real Estate & Model Home Photography

Real Estate Photography vs Model Home Photography

Real estate and model home photography are similar in the way that both involve photographing houses, but the similarities stop there. Real estate photography is typically used on a flier and the MLS for a short period till the house sells. On high end homes, the images may be used in some publications, but once the house sells, the images are typically never used again. Model home photography is used for a much longer period of time to attract perspective buyers to a new community to help sell an entire track of homes. Typically taking multiple days of shooting, model home photography is much more involved. 


Interior Photography

For the best interior images, all light fixtures should have matching bulbs (LED, Fluorescent or tungsten). Different types of light bulbs put off different color light. Typically shooting at times when direct light is not coming through the windows is best.


Twilight Photography

For exterior images of any house, twilight is a great time to get dramatic lighting and colors. Typically additional lighting is used to light the front of the house and specific landscape features.


Real Estate Photography

Because I have many real estate agents that use my services as part of their marketing, I have created a website specific to my real estate photography and video services.
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