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Apples and Wine Marketing Image

There is a lot that goes into every marketing image, especially food photography. We recently completed the below image of the apples and wine, but there is a lot of work that goes on to get it to the final image. The apples were all candies in melted sugar with red food coloring to give them the deep color and shine. All the twigs were selected, cut and placed in each apple, and in the picture to where they were not causing merging lines. The wood round was oak and too light, to furniture oil was applied to darken the woods color. We typically don’t use so many background materials, but for this image it worked best using cheese clothe behind most of the wine bottle and anchored is with burlap at the bottom. The two lower apples were placed on a crumpled paper bag. The maple leaf was added to enhance the feeling of the autumn apple harvest and a couple of feathers which tied in the duck on the label of the wine.

Wine Photography - Napa, Plymouth, El Dorado

Wine Photography - Napa, Plymouth, El Dorado