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Event, Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Wedding, Event & Portrait Photography

Photography for every occasion...

Photography is more than just getting great images, is about capturing memories and peoples personalities. Red Tail Event Photography specializes in wedding, event and portrait photography. With lead photographer Aimee Chiofalo behind the camera, your images are sure to be stunning. For more information on Red Tail Event Photography follow the link below.

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Setting a mood to evoke emotion

Great pictures you not only see, but you feel. Whether it's a beautiful sunset over the ocean, or a couple in love caught in a natural moment of affection. One of the most important aspects of event and portrait photography is having your clients comfortable enough with you, that they forget they are being photographed. There is a art to getting people into their comfort zone and letting their personalities come to life.  


Tell a Story

Whatever the event, every picture should tell a story and show your personality. The image should tell a story without ever saying a word. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, concert, senior portraits, or anything else; great pictures are about capturing moments that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come. 

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Location & Destination Photography

Location is everything! Whether it's for senior or family portraits, or your wedding, picking the right location is very important. We have the ability to travel wherever our services are needed. No matter if it's to the city or the country, across the state or around the world; we can handle your needs.