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Architectural & Interior Design Photographer

San Francisco and Sacramento Valley architectural & Interior Design Photography

Commercial & Residential Photography

Architects and interior designers inherently understand the importance of a strong portfolio. While it may seem their design portfolios would be similar, they are actually quite different. An architectural photographer uses unique angles to capture the creativity behind the design of a building or structure. An interior design photographer works to show the space in a way that sets a mood. Knowing and understanding the difference is vital in determining what time of day is best for photography, how to light the space, and how it should be staged. 

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Commercial Architectural Photography

Whether you need commercial photography as a tenant for marketing materials or as the architect, contractor, or interior designer for a portfolio, it is important to choose a professional photographer that understands how to create images that best suit your purpose. 

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Residential Photography

Architects, interior designers, contractors and Realtors are the typical clientele for residential photography.  As with commercial spaces, knowing the client needs determines how the images are lit and shot. 


Lighting is Everything

Understanding angles is important, but understanding lighting is everything. It's not just about getting a well exposed image. Lighting sets the mood and shapes the subject. Many photographers resort to HDR (high Dynamic Range) photography, which although may have it's place, generally flattens the lighting in the image, therefor loosing the mood.