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Manufacturing & Technology Photographer

Manufacturing & Technology Photography

Leverage Visual Marketing to Reinforce Your Brand and Increase Growth

Red Tail Photography has been creating images that highlight companies’ people, products and services and help tell their stories for over two decades. Let our knowledge and expertise work for you by creating one-of-a kind images that are sure to make your company stand out from the competition.


Manufacturing & Product Photography

Whether you are manufacturing metal products in a fabrication shop or high tech products in a cleanroom, the process, people and finished products are all important parts to your company that your clients need to see. In the "transparent" world we live in, trust is built by more than just having great products. Showing behind the scene glimpses of your company and the people that are involved in the manufacturing  process instantly builds trust in your company.


Industrial Manufacturing Photography

Many manufacturing facilities tend to be more industrial and not the most elaborate places to photograph. With proper use of subject matter, camera angles, lighting, gels and other photographic techniques, almost any area can make for a great picture.  


Technology Manufacturing Photography

People tend to think of technology manufacturing as being very automated, which although might be true, there are still many people involved in the process and great opportunities for pictures to highlight your process. Whether they are the people in the design and R & D, people overseeing the automated stage or people in the quality control, all can make great pictures.