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Construction & Industrial Photographer

San Francisco Bay Area construction & Industrial Photography. Serving the greater Sacramento valley.

Marketing Photography for Todays Visual World

In the visual world we are living in, building your brand and putting a face to your company is more important than ever. Todays marketing needs to show more that just the products you provide or the job you completed. Your marketing photography needs to highlight the people behind the scenes that make your company what it is, and to build credibility and trust in your marketing. Whether you are in need of photography for your website, brochures or trade shows, Red Tail Photography has been providing professional photography for the construction and industrial trades throughout California and Nevada for over 20 years with expertise in creating images that help advance their companies to the next level.


Workforce Photography 

From underground work to boom trucks and helicopters, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to highlight your company’s services in action. 


Industrial & Manufacturing Photography

Many environments we photograph can be dangerous or have high security requirements due to proprietary equipment or processes. We take safety and secrecy requirements seriously and can accommodate our clients’ needs for any shoot. We specialize in creating images that tell the story without compromising sensitive information.


Construction Progress Photography

Showing the process of creating a product can be as important as the finished product itself. Whether the project is the manufacturing of an automobile or the construction of a building, the internal structure is typically unseen even though it represents the majority of the work.